Slow Dance, a magic frame that slows down the time

7 mai 2017

Designed by the artist and scientist Jeff Lieberman, Slow Dance is a « magical » frame that creates the illusion real objects move in slow motion. Fascinated for many year by slow motion, Lieberman found the  way to create this optical illusion thanks the use of the strobe lights.


In an interview Jeff shares his magic trick:

« On a dancefloor, strobe lights turn us into stop motion animations. But we’ve put strobe light to use in a different fashion.By using high speed strobe lights blinking 80 times a second, your eyes cannot even see that they are blinking — the light looks continuous. By synchronizing the strobes to the high-speed vibration of objects (feathers, branches, flowers, etc), we create the visual illusion of those objects moving in slow motion. This is a phenomenon called persistence of vision »


If the operation is not magical at all, the result is undoubtedly fascinating! In a world where we have always to run after the time, Slow Dance by combining technology, science and art, makes us see life in slow motion.



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