The Cloud House by Matthew Mazzotta

22 avril 2017

What a wonderful moment, when you have nothing to do, you are comfortably seating or lying and right on this moment, the sound of the rain upon the roof increases this peaceful atmosphere… Thanks to the last creation of Matthew Mazzotta, you will be the master of the rain and able to trigger the music of the rain whenever you want…

Located in Springfield, the name of this spectacular pavilion is the Cloud House.  The purpose of the house is to collect the rainwater and then reuse this one whenever you want. The system is quite simple rainwater is collected thanks gutters that funnel the water into an underground storage tank, and then, when a person sits on one of the rocking chairs, pressure sensors in the floor are activated allowing us to simulate rain.

With this creation Mazzotta try to focus our attention to our dependence on natural systems, like the water cycle, that grow the food we eat.





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